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CodeQuest 2019 Results

The CodeRams sent 4 teams to CodeQuest 2019: 2 advanced teams, and 2 novice teams. All of the teams did very well, with the CodeRams club taking 3 of the 6 trophies in total.
The 2019 problems can be found in the CodeQuest Database, with the id's of 103 to 126.

Team Members Result
Codebusters Xavier Plourde, Tristan Lonsway, Brian Hulbert 230 points, 1st place (Advanced Category)
Sicko Code Benjamin Catania, Albert Wang, Andrew Dettor 50 points (Advanced Category)
Team Ben Shamus Endries, Lucas French 25 points, 2nd place (Novice Category)
Team Name Generator Samuel Kim, Stefan Wang, Andrew Zhang 25 points, 3rd place (Novice Category)